Im completely miffed by Myfico/TU reports!!!!

Im completely miffed by Myfico/TU reports!!!!Im completely miffed by Myfico/TU reports!!!!
BorisDom asked 5 years ago

So…every now and then, I like to pull my actual scores since my BK in 2013, and see how close the three scores are or arent.  So I pull the three report here, and the scores are looking to be as they should at this point for my profile.  BUT…as I started looking closer, I found that my 23 IIB accts were GONE from TU on myfico, but there on EQ and EX. 


So I pulled my actual TU report, and just as I suspected….all my negatives are still there on the true TU report. WHY are they missing on myfico report?? 


ALSO….my overall util was correct…1% as usual, BUT it said I had balances reporting  on 3 cards….Im like…oh HE L L NO!!  I NEVER have  a balance on more than one card.  SO I skimmed thru all the accts, and only saw the ONE acct I knew reported, and all my other CC’s accts were reporting a $ 0 bal as they should. 


So now im miffed!! What in the HELL is FICO grabbing at on my reports that included the “3 balances being reported”…..then it dawned on me…the only other accts that have a balance are my car loan, and student loan. But then the 1% util reporting wouldnt make sense in that scenerio. 


This is not the first, or second or thrid time ive pulled a three report from here at FICO, and its ALL JACKED UP!!!   WHY??? Especially having 23 negative accts NOT showing on TU, but its there on the real TU report. SOOOO frustrating!! 

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