If your score is high enough will a creditor give as much weight to past derogs?

If your score is high enough will a creditor give as much weight to past derogs?If your score is high enough will a creditor give as much weight to past derogs?
gendbrowasacan asked 4 years ago

For example if you have some charge-off’s/delinquencies still on your report (several years old) and your score is say nearly 700 are there some creditors that look at the overall picture or do they just deny because of the derogatories??  Same scenario but score is say barely 600??  Would the creditor look at the score being fairly low along with the derogatories??  I know each creditor is different, but wondered if it’s possible if your score recovers sufficiently but you are still showing derogatories to eventually get better credit cards???

Free Credit Report – Dream Girl Commercial

bucky468 replied 4 years ago

So he married his dream girl, then he wrote a crappy song about her, so I
bet after hearing this his dream girl dumped his sorry ass and her parents
kicked him out of their house because he’s a talentless sucky singer and
probably now doesn’t even have a real day job. Sad reality of this is that
there are actually people that think this crap is actually good “music” and
would buy the album just to make this guy famous. This was actually the
blueprint for most of the crap that passes off as “rock music” these days.
Though it’s supposed to be satirical and funny I still call this type of
music “douchebag rock”.

Nesha147 replied 4 years ago
bubbasouth69 replied 4 years ago

That “dream girl” has a nice booty!

Paul Butcher replied 4 years ago

Free Credit Report – Dream Girl Commercial
Nikolas lima 

bubbasouth69 replied 4 years ago

Just remember, bad credit don’t last forever. If you dispute negative items
and are persistent, you’d be surprised at how quickly they disappear – even
if accurate!

david wise replied 4 years ago

so does that mean he don’t get a dog in the yard?

shadow123123123 replied 4 years ago

The first three commercials they did were my favorites. (Singing Pirates,
Dream Girl, New Car)

Wiccanking1 replied 4 years ago

@wazzel2u Dude, you completely over-complicated a 28 second commercial.

jriley1992 replied 4 years ago

First comment of 2011 for this video!!! lol

xXvampickleXx replied 4 years ago

now he is driving a bike and after his morning job he is a server at a
party but he quit to go live at a ren fair but he left to go to six flags
and ride the “Credit Rollercoaster” then try to ask his friends where reno
is on his cell phone then finally gets to reno =] lol

Noromongrel replied 4 years ago

She needs to dump his lip-synching, money grubbing ass.

xXmemedancerluvXx replied 4 years ago

i dont see the old lady in this one.. Where is she?

wazzel2u replied 4 years ago

I bet he’s happy that he didn’t get approved to buy that house after all.
The ways things worked out he has cheap rent, he’s still got the hot girl
and other than not having a dog it’s total upside. If he’d gotten the loan,
he and the dog would be alone in his nothing-down-neg-am-option-arm loan
and two maxed lines of credit on a crappy McMansion that is worth 60% less
than what he paid in 2006.

msmithstud replied 4 years ago

trust me, never co-sign for your girlfriend or boyfriend.lol

ubertuberuber replied 4 years ago

hell yea.!!!

VU2B replied 4 years ago

i heart these commercials this 1s my fav

Koldheartz replied 4 years ago

did you notice you don’t see any of the older ones anymore? Wonder why…
maybe because they’re showing newer ones

tribal2199 replied 4 years ago

My favorite one!

Rage Kage replied 4 years ago

anyone ever notice that the commercial stating that the girls shitty credit
fucked up the guys life stopped airing on tv when the others were still
shown all the time?

realestatejt replied 4 years ago

Very good video with some useful information that I can actually use.

Kalysta Kempisty replied 4 years ago

its sad that i am looking up commercials on youtube

chousholder replied 4 years ago

my favorite one!!!

Kalysta Kempisty replied 4 years ago

its sad that i am looking up comersials on youtube!

cyprus1224 replied 4 years ago

I luv these commercials

frohman3 replied 4 years ago

When the parents die, they’ll probably get the house.

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