I think I’m being sued by Midland….help!!

I think I’m being sued by Midland….help!!I think I’m being sued by Midland….help!!
Korot.Ira asked 5 years ago

I keep getting voicemails from an automated message saying hes an investigator from CPM and that there’s a civil matter in the office with my name and social security number attached. It says my case is scheduled to go in front of the review board and if me or my atty want to file an answer before a decision is rendered, contact their legal department, but no phone number is given, just a reference number. After alot of reading on these boards and Google searches, im pretty sure it’s Midland. What should I do? I cannot have a judgement on my credit. Im trying to get ready to buy a house in January and this will ruin everything. Im working with a credit repair company. Should I contact Midland? The credit repair company? Please help!! Thank you!!
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Gwen Tolliver replied 5 years ago

The link don’t work anymore.

Skip Trace replied 5 years ago

Give us a call 219-840-0610

CREDITREPAIRMASTER replied 5 years ago

When it comes to credit repair, you have to be really careful what dispute
letters you use, or like you said it will come back. The other mistake
people make is they will resend a dispute letter again without knowing if
the negative item was deleted or not from the first dispute. So if you
disputed an negative item and it came off of your credit, if you make a
mistake and re-send a dispute again they will put it back on your credit.

Jean F. replied 5 years ago

blah… blah… blahh…. all jokes, done it all, but wasted my money…
after a while all bad stuff come right back… I would love to hear someone
who cleaned their credit and they don’t shows even after 2full years…

CREDITREPAIRMASTER replied 5 years ago

One of the biggest mistakes credit repair companies make is trying to
dispute a tax lien when you owe money for back taxes. The reason is you
could be under the radar, once the dispute gets sent in the credit bureaus
will try to verify it with the IRS or the State and if you own money to
these agencies you can find yourself in a big trouble, by getting your bank
account levied or your paychecks garnished

CREDITREPAIRMASTER replied 5 years ago

@ericmknight1906 you are very correct, if you dispute certain accounts it
can put you in a bigger mess, how credit repair works is they need to
verify the accounts, but if your account is under the radar and you send a
dispute letter in the creditor might speed up the process of suing you for
the money that you owe. Specially with tax liens, do not dispute if you owe
money to the State or The IRS

ericmknight1906 replied 5 years ago

there is more to credit repair than just writing nice templated
letters;which is basically all that credit repair software does. There is
also strategy,technique and knowledge of the laws that have to be taken
into consideration. Software can’t teach you that.

ericmknight1906 replied 5 years ago

@BrewMasterBooks agreed….if you want good results you will have to pay. I
have also recruited Lexington Law. They actually have attorneys that know
what they’re doing. Credit repair software is crap

Russell James replied 5 years ago

Great experience!: I would like to express my satisfaction with TSI Credit
Division! The consultant that assisted me was super nice and the process
was easy! The improvement that was made to my credit score allowed me to
purchase a car that I didn’t qualify for before having my credit repaired!
I totally recommend their services! I especially love the fact that this
was a one time charge and that the process from start to finish was quick!
tsi credit division .com

phdinresults replied 5 years ago

Check out Cheap Delete….. they get paid on results. Only $9.95 per
correction or deletion, paid after they actually get the results!

MRCH0SEN1 replied 5 years ago

Lexington Law is a rip off. I purchased their services and they did nothing
for me. They took my money and provided no feedback at all.

666ctube replied 5 years ago

depends on where you are

Fast Credit Repair replied 5 years ago

I really appreciate your honesty and your deep passion to help people. You
know it is really important how you say all of these. There are a lot of
people to help and it is great to see that we are not the only ones who
want to put an end people getting judged only by their credit scores.

BrewMasterBooks replied 5 years ago

This software is a scam. Call Lexington Law at 877-436-0119 if you actually
do want your credit repaired.

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