I need to know more information about Home Loan Mortgage Refinance?

I need to know more information about Home Loan Mortgage Refinance?I need to know more information about Home Loan Mortgage Refinance?
asked 8 years ago
preeti replied 8 years ago

yes…u can know better information at http://faoph.notlong.com

Quicken Loans replied 8 years ago

Refinancing is basically paying off one loan with the proceeds from a new loan secured by the same property. In other words, you’re taking a loan to pay off another loan and securing it with your property.

It’s often done to reduce interest costs (by refinancing to a lower mortgage rate, changing the length of a mortgage (going from 30year to 15year for example), to pay off other debts (especially makes sense if you can pay off high-interest debt that isn’t tax deductible – such as credit card debt), and to change loan types (for example, going from variable-rate to fixed-rate).

Hope this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message through my profile.

ed m replied 8 years ago

peter there is books written on this subject — could you be a little be more detailed on what you are looking for!!!.

mom101 replied 8 years ago

I can’t give you the specifics on refinancing but I can tell you from what I have experienced.

See first to see if it’s worth it to do; consolidate bills, repair your home, put your children through college. But make sure you are not eating up all your equity, that you will get a good rate, that the loan agent won’t tack on hidden fees in front and back of the loan (they love to disguise fees everywhere). They love to add fees in all sorts of places so question everything, become educated. Make sure that the type of loan they offer you is what you want; fixed or variable rate, interest only, or other types of loans available, Check out to see if there are prepayment penalties. Make sure to ask a lot of questions but to make for sure that what they are telling you is the truth, call and ask more than one source. Shop for the loan as well; don’t settle for just one agent or one bank. And get everything in writing. And please, if you can avoid it, please do not do business with Washington Mutual if they have one where you live. In my opinion, they have poor business practices. Check them out in the search engine and you will see.

raj A replied 8 years ago

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mrsb2u replied 8 years ago

Call me – My name is Marsha and I am a Loan Officer with a mortgage company in Virginia. 757-564-1611 is my office phone.

mark v replied 8 years ago

Well there are many banks willing to Refinance a home. I would simply start by calling several places and perhaps even using the Internet to find out which bank is going to give you the lowest interest rate. Remember not to settle for the first offer, all banks are competing and want your business. So the odds of you getting a really low interest rate are on your side.
And good luck?

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