I need opinions on email from LO

I need opinions on email from LOI need opinions on email from LO
icingarmila asked 5 years ago

So, I got some requests from the UW this morning. (just a few letters of explainations, etc). But, I have a pretty complex file and the UW wants to send it to senior management for review. We have passed every single hurdle possible, this is the email I just got:


“Okay got it, we are just waiting on some updates and then we’ll submit for her sign off, she will then pass the file to a senior manager for final approval/denial. Basically she is stating at this point that after re-submission the file meets stated FHA guidelines but she is unwilling to give the clear to close, she wants the management to assume that responsibility.”


So my anxiety level is 100+



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Edward McDougall replied 5 years ago

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