I knew it was stupid to get that Credit One card. Advice needed

I knew it was stupid to get that Credit One card. Advice neededI knew it was stupid to get that Credit One card. Advice needed
Warrenseene asked 3 years ago

Credit One has runined everything I’ve done in the past year. This is gonna be long TL/DR at bottom.

I started at 27 with a thin file. I always had phobia about owing things. I got lucky with a secured Discover(man I love them) . I even opened a checking account with them as I had never even heard of cash back checking and I wanted it.

So as credit rises from non exsistant i end up at 693 in only 8 months. I was suprised it had had jumped like that. I did take out a car loan in this time as well. 

I get a credit one card in the mail. I don’t  know what I was thinking. I just kept seeing “too few accounts” glaring in negative factors on myfico I guess it was getting to me.

I used this card once. I spend about $ 45 at as gas station. I went on the website the next day and paid it.A few days late I go to see if it’s proccessed yet. “account suspened”.

I call them and the man from India says I put my acct number where the routing goes and vice versa. I don’t think I did but whatever. He says I gotta mail them a check because from some reason it’s just simply impossble for them to switch the numbers.(**bleep**) He was talking to me like I was somehow trying to dodge them(It haven’t even been a week) I came to my senses and said just cancel the card and I’ll pay the balance with my debit card. I told him it was Discover.

Over a month later I recieve a letter saying that I was late with my payment and my card(the one I told them to cancel a month before hand) had been suspended. I had never recieved a statement. I’m freaking out cause of a late payment going on my credit report. 

I don’t recall the number of times I talked to these people. 2-3 times a week up untill about two days ago. It took 4 people before one of them says”oh we don’t take Discover”. I told them it was Disover when I used the debit card and when I read the acct/routing number directly from one of my checks. At the end of thos call after I had asked multiple times he said “I guarantee that it will go through this time.” 

Twice I recieved conformation letters in the mail(because I told them to send them) that they wold be taking the money ot of my account.

3 weeks later. A letter comes and It says I’m something like 53 days late. I call yet again. They tell me to use money gram. ok cool. They need the account number to send the money. I had thrown the card away when I thought it was paid off and cancled. I had not received a single statement! They wouldn’t give me the account number ” for security purposes” even though every time I spoke to them I gave my  SS# address ect..not to mention It the number of a closed account…IT CANT BE USED!

Then credit one guy # 563 says ” just go to wal-mart and get a prepaid Visa or Mastercard” I asked if it mattered what brand and he said as long its visa or mastercard It’ll work. So I go Pay five bucks and put the $ 173(late fees +intrest) dollars on it. I call and pay with it.

More time passes. You know this long enough You guys get the jist.

After a horribly rude woman from collections called me and insulted me I may have told her to go **bleep** herself.

I FINALLY get a statement in the mail. 45 bucks had turned into $ 193. This hurt since I only make 13.20 an hour had just bought a car and I also have to take care of my mom. I was still happy though. Account number in hand I go to moneygram and pay it.

I get a statement last week says balance $ 53….I call them in a bit of a rage when look it up he says “oh no we owe you $ 53 you overpaid”(no **bleep**) I look a little closer and see the statement actually says -53. I remembered one of the few competent people I had spoken when I asked to speak with a manager. The nice woman looked into said she would wave the late fees and apologised profusely. I had called to make sure I was paying the full balance when I finally got the statement The late fees were still there but I thought I would rather be broke than talk to these people again.

I checked my credit score. 598….Now part if this is because I got a sweet cap one card preapproved with no annual fee anf I hit a bit of a rough patch and had my utilization go over 50% a couple of times. Though I always paid in full before the due date and had accured no intrest. I’ll be back to keeping my utilization around 10% this month.

I call them again. I asked for a manager immediately. I explained everything. From credit one continuously feeding me false information to the fact that I had proof that I had tried to pay numerous times and even though I asked for payment conformation each time I would find out weeks later it had not gone through. t\The fault was on credit one. He kept trying to give me the run around but he didn’t really have any counter arguments to my points. So, this manager transferred me to his manager.

A nice woman, though not much help. She pretty much said yeah it was their fault but she could’nt do anything about. She did however give me the address of the dispute department(they don’t take calls.)And told me to write them. I asked her if they would know about our conversation and she said all she could really do was send them her notes about it. She said that she would make sure everything was laid out in them though. She seemed to empathise with me so I think she’ll hold true to it.

I’m going to thoughly over the sticky about writing these letters but I feel I still need advice.

Should I try the letter first and wait to dispute it with the bureaus? Should I do both at once? Do I even have a chance of success by disputing with the bureaus?

TL/DR: credit one kept feeding me misinformation and watin 3-4 weeks to inform me that my payments weren’t going though even though I asked for conformation each time. Ended up VERY late and ruined what I had worked for this past year. This was my main goal for the year…

Also fun fact: out of my rather large sample size roughly 1% of credit ones customer service reps aren’t idiots.

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