I just want to cry!

I just want to cry!I just want to cry!
JosephImips asked 4 years ago

In the process of purchasing our first home. Until now everything has gone smooth. Thursday I get an alert from ck that my score dropped 70 pts. I had to have a dispute from 2014 on my Cap 1 removed. I had disputed late payments from 2010. Monday my LO is going to pull my credit to see how low my mortgage scores have actually dropped. I had a mid score of 675. Nothing else has changed on my report. After stressing all weekend I checked my husbands credit. We paid off a tax lien and sure enough it’s off however every single credit card and our auto loan has been removed from his Transunion report. I went on Transunion and paid for the $ 1 trial to see and sure enough everything is gone. He had 100% on time payments on all his accounts with 10 open accounts. I’ve spent the past 4 yrs preparing us for this purchase and it’s all falling apart right before we close.

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