I could really use some expert advice for rebuilding.

I could really use some expert advice for rebuilding.I could really use some expert advice for rebuilding.
JosephImips asked 3 years ago

Hello, I’m new here.  I’m seriously commited to raising my score to buy a house as soon as possible.  I was stupid when I was younger and made a lot of mistakes.  I let things go late for very small amounts of money.  For what it’s worth, I’ve been trying to rebuild without much score increase for years now.  My last late payment was 30 days late two months in a row 39 months ago.  It’s the only late payment still on my report.  Desprate years ago to rebuild with my scores in the high 500s I opened two secured cards and a first premier bank card.  I know, I know.  This card is horrible.  They charge me $ 6 a month for nothing.  This card has been opened for 30 months at this point, never late.  It’s my oldest card on my report.  I’m scared to close it because my average age of credit will drop, and it’s already low.  Currently my average age of account is 32 months.  My oldest account is 121 months (car loan showing the 30 day lates).  I last opened an account 3 months ago, and I only have 1 HP over the last 12 months.  I don’t need this card.  Can I close it, or do I suck it up and pay for the points it’s providing me?


My other accounts, all in good standing never any lates.  2 car loans, 1 paid and closed, the other I still owe 65% of the total loan amount.  All the rest are revolving and I just paid them all off after reading these forums.  I’ll keep 5% reporting on one card and keep the rest at zero.  I have the following:  Cabela visa, barclay rewards, credit one (only the anual fee I’m not charged the monthly, over 2 years old nice limit), HSN, amazon, kohls, and sams club.  I’m pre aproved for a cap1 quicksilver 1 that I’m considering opening just because it seems like a good card, but I’m unsure how that would effect me.  


Now the bad stuff I need help on.  There are 4 collections, all from an apartment I opened for an EX to try to help her get on her feet so she would move on.  She did move on, and apparently didn’t pay any of the house bills the last few months she lived there.  I also have a tax lien from the state of PA for something to do with unemployment.


I called the cable company and the gas / electric company that are reporting through a collection agency.  I asked them both to guarentee deletion for payment.  They both told me they would send a letter saying the debt is satisifed and $ 0 ballance but it’s up to the collection agency to remove them, since their the ones who reported.  Is this true?  Should I contact the CA?  If I pay these utilitys will it still show up on my report even tho it’s not a revolving account or loan?


The other two are medical.  Again, how does this work?  If it’s paid will it automaticaly be removed?  How do I go about getting them removed?


Pretty much same question for the tax lien.  Do I call and ask payment for delete?  Do I just pay it and suck it up?  It was filed in 2010 and my report says its expected to fall off in 2020.  Will the fall off date change to 2026 if I pay it?


My scores are 612, 619, 623.   Like I said, I just paid off all credit debt, it was at 68% cdr.  It’s not reporting yet, but it’s 0% now.  The simulator shows a score increase of 65 55 60, taking me to 677, 674, 683 once it reports.  My goal is 740+ in 9 – 12 months, when I’d like to buy a home.  I do have the money to clear all my collections and the tax lien right now, I’m just unsure the best way to go about it with the goal to get my scores as high as possible.  I know this is long, so thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for any help and advice you may have.  


I’m serious about rebuilding and I appreacate any comments that might come from this post.

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