Huntington now accepts CLI requests!

Huntington now accepts CLI requests!Huntington now accepts CLI requests!
richeventrzn asked 5 years ago

For those of us who have Huntington CCs, you are now allowed to request a CLI! For quite a while, Huntington wouldn’t allow CLIs with even a hard pull. Ever since I’ve had the card (Nov/2015) the representives would contionusly say, “We will start accepting CLI requests next month.” I never believed them, but it’s finally possible. I thought I would try to ask for a soft pull CLI, but it’s currently not avaible and doesn’t seem like it will in the near future. I’m not ready to burn an inquiry yet, but might in the future. Just thought I would share! Huntington now accepts CLI requests!


Welcome to Huntington. A banker will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Banker (NMLS ID:XXXXXX).


Banker: Good evening XXXX!

Banker (NMLS ID:XXXXXX): Welcome to Huntington! I had a chance to review your message and I am happy to assist you with that today!

Banker (NMLS ID:XXXXXX): A credit limit increase would be hard inquiry.


Me: Shucks, I understand. The Voice is the lowest credit limit I have compared to the other credit cards I have. Do you ever give soft pulls or does this never happen?


Banker (NMLS ID:XXXXXX): We would not perform a soft pull for something lending related. For instance, insurance quotes, would be a soft pull.


Me: Sure, some of the other credit card lenders I have like Capital One, AMEX, Discover, etc. don’t hard pull when asking for a credit limit increase. I will come back in the future and put in a request. Thank you for your help this evening.

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