Huge early CLI from Cap One

Huge early CLI from Cap OneHuge early CLI from Cap One
alinagreiitame asked 4 years ago

Just wanted to share some great news. I got a cap one qs1 in July with a $ 1000 limit. I’ve used it a bunch and paid it off. Since then I’ve had several collections paid and removed as well as removed a state tax lien. I usually hit the love button once a week just to see and always get the 2-3 day message and that my account was too new. Well I hit it yesterday and got a $ 3500 increase!!!! My limit is now $ 4500!!! I’m so excited. I still need one more card so I’ll have 3. I already have the capital one platinum. Any suggestions? Scores at last check are mid-high 500’s. Waiting to update since removal of lien and collections.

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