Huge charged-off private loan debt suddenly stops reporting.

Huge charged-off private loan debt suddenly stops reporting.Huge charged-off private loan debt suddenly stops reporting.
AngeloHix asked 5 years ago

Hey everyone, I took out a gargantuan personal loan for $ 22,000 from Citibank in 2010. The reason I did this is because I was a student at the time and I needed extra cash because I had reached the cap on my federal loan borrowing. Fast forward to 2011, where I would eventually graduate from college. But in that same year I had little to no luck in landing my first job after college and on top of that I also had trouble making payments on the loan in 2011 as well. I called Citi to try and make payment arrangements on the personal/private loan to no avail, they said that the bank set the interest and payment requirements and there was no options otherwise. So eventually I got to the point that I stopped making payments towards the loan at all and eventually the account charged off around November 2011 with a balance of about $ 20,000. The account was then placed in collections around December 2011. Now in 2015, I have a steady job, but still not what I was hoping for. 


So I pulled all 3 of my credit reports in January 2015. And strangely the collection account of $ 20,000 for Ciitbank was no longer on any of my credit reports. Then I pulled all 3 of them again this month and the derogatory debt is still gone. It like just vanished for no apparent reason, as the 7 year period for this collection account has not been reached, so I was wondering why it would stop reporting, because I definitely know that the collection agency nor Citibank is just going to let a $ 20,000 debt go. I am ecstatic that the account is gone as it was killing my credit, and no creditor would give me the time of day with a charged off debt of $ 20,000. To sleep easier at night I wanna know what happened to the debt, but at the same time I think that contacting the original creditor (Citibank) or the collection agency to get answers could awaken the beast (which i am not prepared for). Any thoughts on how to go about this situation? Should I let it go and hope everything is over with?

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