How to Remove items without opening new dispute for FHA Mortgage approval

How to Remove items without opening new dispute for FHA Mortgage approval
Irenehix asked 4 years ago

Hello, these forums are very helpful. How do I remove items from the bureaus without filing a dispute? For example, I have several old accounts that are expired now. On 2 of them, I tried calling the creditors directly and they were so old that they said they had no information. I can’t file a “dispute” with the bureaus because as you know, you can’t close on a mortgage with an open dispute and I don’t have time to wait 30 days. I can’t quite go to the creditor when they’re like “it’s so old we have no information.”


The other issue I have is there are some blatant errors. For example, student loans errors. I have letters from my student loan company saying they’ve corrected with the credit bureaus — but then they show up. What should I do? Again, I can’t open disputes because I can’t have an open dispute and close on a loan.


LVNV put something on my credit report for a dental bill I paid in cash. It was years ago. I don’t know how to go about proving I paid it.


Last but not least I have a charge-off from Bank of America that’s reaching the 7 year mark in 2 months. Is B o A good about removing after it hits that mark? Should I even try a goodwill ask of them to remove it early or at least update it to a 0 balance? (They didn’t sell it so it still shows a balance) Or anything? I’d be afraid of offering any type of payment for fear they’d open the loan and re-age it since it’s going to fall off in a month.


All help appreciated

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