How to handle Enhanced Recovery Company

How to handle Enhanced Recovery CompanyHow to handle Enhanced Recovery Company
Yaltahelp asked 3 years ago

Hello. I have been lurking the forum since the spring. Thanks to the helpful info I have read on here, I am on my credit rebuilding journey. When I first started my credit scores were between 615-625. As of today my fico scores are Experian:684 Equifax: 671 Transunion:684. In May I obtained a secured card with open sky and disputed two collections and both were removed. I now only have two collections account both with Enhanced Recovery Company that I want to have removed if I can. One is for Att amount $ 343 and the other T-mobile $ 138. I am willing to pay both amounts in full. However, I am not  sure whether ERC is still authorized to collect.  ERC is showing a “closed” status for each collection  on both  Experian and Equifax reports with the balances noted above, and on Transunion they report both collections as being “Open”  I use credit check total for monitoring.   According to my full experian report pulled this month the T-mobile collection will fall off in Dec 2016 and the Att collection in May 2018. I have previously read that if a CA reports a collection as closed and it has not been paid they have most likely sold the debt to another company and should delete there collection from reports. I am unsure what to do because of the differences in reporting from ERC.  Should I send a DV letter or dispute directly with the credit bureaus?

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