How to Approach this(AFNI & AT&T)

How to Approach this(AFNI & AT&T)How to Approach this(AFNI & AT&T)
pavingTarma asked 4 years ago

So I received this response from AFNI: 


This is in response to your BBB inquiry. Afni appreciates the opportunity to respond to the consumer’s concerns. On October 30, 2012, AT&T forwarded the subject account, AT&T account #: 0180900313519, Afni Inc. account #: 041040053-01 with Afni for collections on the balance of $ 131.81.

The account is for high speed internet services established on September 1, 2009, until AT&T considered the account delinquent on December 10, 2010.The billing address associated with the account is XXXX Forest Shadows Drive Saint Louis, Missouri 63136. The billing address was later changed to XXXX West Robindale Road Unit 270 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113. Afni mailed the initial notice of the account on November 1, 2012. On December 16, Afni furnished the credit reporting agencies with notice of the account. On March 10, 2014, Afni received a dispute from the credit reporting agencies. On March 16, Afni furnished the credit reporting agencies with notice of the disputed status of the account. On April 7 and April 8, 2015, Afni received disputes from the credit reporting agencies, reviewed all relevant information and responded appropriately. On May 10, Afni sent a request to the credit reporting agencies to remove the account from the consumer’s credit report. The account was requested to be deleted due to an internal process. At that time, Afni also made the decision to cease collections.

On May 19, Afni received this complaint. In response, Afni ceased communication and initiated an investigation. With regard to the consumer’s comment that he has disputed it, and has failed to receive any information back, Afni has not received a request for information directly prior to receipt of the BBB complaint. Afni has received disputes from the credit reporting agencies prior to this, however, Afni is only required to investigate the information provided in the dispute and respond directly to the credit reporting agencies with the results of the investigation. However, as the consumer has requested, Afni has attached bill copies from the account for the consumer’s reference. Afni has previously made the decision to cease collection activities on the account, and will return the account to AT&T. The consumer should contact AT&T directly if he would like to discuss the account further.

Do I pay the bill and contact AT&T? The baddie is being reported by AFNI. Do I contact AT&T and request a PFD?

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