How soon should I see a LO? Still working on credit

How soon should I see a LO? Still working on creditHow soon should I see a LO? Still working on credit
NahouseOVarl asked 4 years ago

Hi all,


I have been reading up on a lot of these forums to try and fix my credit, myfico has been great. My goal is to be in a new home sometime this summer. I’m new at all of this so I’m really not sure how soon I should go see a LO. My details are below, should I go ahead and see someone now? Or do I need to wait until my scores are higher? I heard that for the first time home buying program in my area my middle score needs to be at least 640. 


Mortgage scores as of 2/7:

EQ FiCO V5: 605
TU FICO 4: 610

EX FICO 2: 632


FICO 8 scores:

EQ: 633

TU: 649

EX: 607


For negatives I have a 30 day late payment on a student loan 06/15. For my auto loan, 2 60 day lates and 3 30 day lates from 04/14 – 08/14. I also have a few charge offs that show a $ 0 balance, these were all from 2011 or earlier.


My open accounts-

AES private loan, (this is the one i was 30 day late in 06/15), balance $ 5462, monthly $ 49

Federal student loan, never late, balance $ 62285, monthly payment $ 91

Badcock, never late, opened 06/15, credit limit $ 3,000, balance $ 2209, monthly payment $ 150 (only reports to EQ)

Capital one, never late, opened 12/14, credit limit $ 800, balance $ 103, monthly $ 25 (They are currently reviewing my request for a higher limit)

Capital one, never late, opened 10/15, credit limit $ 351, balance $ 84, monthly $ 25

SDFCU secured card, never late, opened 09/15, credit limit $ 250, balance $ 44, monthly $ 25

Capital one auto loan, opened 05/13, balance $ 12918, monthly $ 384


My income per W2:

2014 – $ 62,320

2015 – $ 75,360

Monthly gross – $ 5736.00

Employed full time, part of my income comes from overtime, but it has been consistent since 2012 and no plans of stopping.

Employed with same company since 2008.


I’m hoping to get FHA for a home about $ 175,000 in Tampa FL area. I was looking into the first time home buyer program here (according to the website it says income limit is $ 82K).


Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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