How long does 4506-t take online?

How long does 4506-t take online?How long does 4506-t take online?
richeventrzn asked 5 years ago

I did a CLI with AMEX. It was a toss up between my business and my personal SPG, but I figured I would try for my personal. I requested 30k since I was considering using it for a vehicle purchase this week and needed some extra room. I have no balances and figured now would be a decent time. I got through the end and it requested income verification. I entered my actual income, but I am thinking now that I should have used my tax return income, since a portion of my income is set aside in 457 plans. Is there any wriggle room with AMEX on this? My income on my 2014 tax return is 90k less then I make now.

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