How Fast CA dispute?

How Fast CA dispute?How Fast CA dispute?
Niikolay asked 5 years ago

the CA that has my medical collection (now paid) said the only way to get it off CR is to send a customer dispute through Bureau.  They said they then delete from all 3 in a few days.  I sent from Experian yesterday around 4:00 central..but the dispute shows today’s date.  Would it have automatically gotten sent electronically to CA?  I’m so hoping this falls off over the weekend.  In addition to being my only collection, it’s listed as a 4 month old account, showing late twice…I have no new accounts in last two years, so assuming this is hitting me really hard.  Since I have other late payments and such, I only have a few other things I can do to get score up another 15 or so points to 700.

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