How do remove BOA chargeoff from CRA’s

How do remove BOA chargeoff from CRA’sHow do remove BOA chargeoff from CRA’s
Williekek asked 4 years ago

Hi all, 


Wondering if their is a way to get an old Bank of America chargeoff removed from my reports.  It is a loc from them that was opened in 2002 and charged off in 2011.  The amount of the chargeoff is 6675.  I think it may have been actually a business loc.  I have seen a couple posts where members have had BoA removed by filing complaints with the BBB.  It is well beyond the Statute of Limitations for where I live.  I remember reading that BoA had been removed accounts as goodwill gestures for many people because of some mishandling of accounts. (Something to do with corrrectly reported accounts included in Bankruptcies.  IIRC.)


So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  


My plan was to pay this or at least settle it as it is my last CO with a balance ( all the rest have bee PIF or settled).  Don’t have the cash saved up just yet and I know even when I pay it will just changed to O balance Chargeoff.  


I probably will stay pay them eventually but would be nice for it to no longer be reported.  


Thanks again in advance






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