How can you collect a maximum loan broker broker fees for non-real estate loan?

How can you collect a maximum loan broker broker fees for non-real estate loan?How can you collect a maximum loan broker broker fees for non-real estate loan?
asked 9 years ago

I checked that most online brokers charge unsecured loans of between 5% -10%. but I read this quote on the site Attorney: State law limits the total amount assessed a loan broker (after loan approval) may be up to 0.5% of non-Hypothekendarlehen. bedeutet it approved illegally charging more than 0.5% for loans? collect if so, why som many brokers charge much more than that will operate in New York? Thank you in advance and thank you for the reply 🙂
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Bob replied 10 years ago

There really isn’t one. I know, you may find some information t the contrary, but that only applies to fees that are assessed directly to he borrower and broken out (which vary state by state and not exist at all in some states).

The way around it is for the lender to pay a “finder’s fee” and build it into the cost of repaying the loan. The borrower never sees that additional cost over what a direct loan would have been.

Another technique is a simple mark up. This is common with car loans when the dealer act as broker. The interest rate is what the dealer says it is! If the bank’s rate is 8% and the dealer thinks you can afford a higher rate and writes it up at 10% then the bank gets 8% and the bank rebates 2% to the dealer. This can work the other way where the dealer writes it up for 5%. Then the bank gets 5% from the borrower and a “buy down” paymet from the dealer. Sometimes the dealer is desperate to sell the car and eats this, but more often, it’s built into the price of the car and the borrower is charged a higher price than a cash customer would have paid.

A fee that appears in excess of a legal maximum may be legal if it’s called something else and not exactly what the law prohibited. If the fee is illegal and the broker is still operating, it could be that nobody is reporting him because no fee means no loan and the borrowers are willing to pay the fee to get the money.

tdp1968 replied 10 years ago

This occurs because the http address you entered belongs to someone that doesn’t have a real web page for that address. Instead, they create traffic by either loading the page you are seeing or redirecting traffic to another web page. Most likely you are mistyping an address or the address has been lost to one of these people. There is no way to prevent them from doing what they are doing.

xenon replied 10 years ago

If this same page appears on any website that 404s, either your ISP or a browser plugin/toolbar is hijacking the page. First try disabling any toolbars you have on the browser, and if that doesn’t work, try contacting your ISP.

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