How can I improve my credit scores?

How can I improve my credit scores?How can I improve my credit scores?
Yaltahelp asked 4 years ago

I started trying to improve my credit in June 2012. I just disputed an account from ERC on Feb 5 and the account was deleted from Equifax and Experian credit reports. I now have clean credit reports. Very happy about this. 


I started with scores in low 500’s. I now have 670 equifax, 705 Transunion, 678 experian. ALL FICO scores. I have 18 inquiries on transunion, 6 equifax, and 6 experian. Inquiries were from car shopping last march, didn’t know that they did that many pulls when buying my car. I had a 560 score and a couple of paid accounts at the time of car purchase. I just refinanced that autoloan from 10.99% to 3.44% through local credit union. I might be co-signing on a car for daughter in april. We are going to put a lot of money down for car. Looking at financing only about 5000.


Do you think I should try to get a personal loan at credit union or finance the $ 5000 for the car at dealership or credit union?


Anything I can do to improve credit scores besides getting uitilization down. I am at 13% because I purchased furniture at 0% for 12 months. I should be down to 4% by april when we buy car. Want to get best rate for car possible.






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