How badly does it affect credit when a credit card closes your account

How badly does it affect credit when a credit card closes your accountHow badly does it affect credit when a credit card closes your account
asked 5 years ago

This is my situation.  I changed banks and accidentally paid on my walmart credit card with the wrong account. My bad so i got a returned payment.  Sadly i entered my new bank information incorrect and got a second returned payment. GE/Syn bank closed my walmart card.  I am a little peeved. granted it was my fault i made a typo but why cant these companies investigate what happened first like call me. i even called them prior and tried to see if they can stop the “bad” payement before it went threw.  I have like 8 years of perfect payement with them and this was the first issue I had. My account also shows I clearly “re-paid” those paments via my online banking and they cleared. I was not trying to commit fraud or float checks… etc. I actully recieved a debt consolidation loan and paid that account in full. I have many credit cards with this bank and did not have this problem. I think what caused me to make a typo is I was multitasking and also was in a bad automobile accident which made me hard to concentrate (stress)  how badly will this affect my fisco score? I was planning to never re-charge again but i was told keeping the older accounts open helps your credit score.

How to set up an apple ID without a credit card or computer

Snow replied 5 years ago

for those people that doesnt have the “none” option go to settings click
erase all reset your ipod then try it again. thank me later.

Hack Source replied 5 years ago

The none button is only for iphone! It doesnt work for iPad and iPod

Dash Tang replied 5 years ago

thx bro i will like and share and sub

med zouhair replied 5 years ago

it works perfectly. Thanks.

ten chui replied 5 years ago

thre’s no NONE option on my iPod -_- y?! 

Lao Prasithvirya replied 5 years ago

There is no none button on my iPad mini WTF??!! Dude!

Måns Åkesson replied 5 years ago

that freaking music drives me crazy it f**cing sux 

Awesomeface Dominus replied 5 years ago

i press create but the thing keeps loading

adorablepuppy100 replied 5 years ago

Thank you so much :-)

CR3D1BLEDR0P replied 5 years ago


D/A - The Anonymous replied 5 years ago

tnx !! man

Richard Aguirre replied 5 years ago

Dumbass this is for old ass shit

Roziana Bte Rosli replied 5 years ago

Dont have none buttom for credit card :(( 

Abdu replied 5 years ago

it works…. thanks a lot :)

CR3D1BLEDR0P replied 5 years ago

Oh haha, you have to click download then make an Apple ID, I’m such a

xbox360xman replied 5 years ago

how about mac?

Tammy Do replied 5 years ago

What if you already have an existing apple iD?

LuckyiPod replied 5 years ago

It doesn’t work anymore, but nice
Vid man 🙂 

almina redzepi replied 5 years ago

mine dosent say none

Elizabeth Dadson replied 5 years ago

stupid thing it doesn´t work

Miguel Valadez replied 5 years ago

yew wtf there’s no none option in my iPhone 4 

Connordavis828 MC replied 5 years ago

When I log up doesn’t have a none button for credit card

Anna Michelle replied 5 years ago


Joel Johnson replied 5 years ago

Can u buy stuff without actually buying

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