How am I supposed to know what is going on?

How am I supposed to know what is going on?How am I supposed to know what is going on?
PhilipWen asked 5 years ago

This whole process is so annoying.  I don’t know where I am in the application process, what comes next, who has what and who needs what.


First it took the bank 1 week before they even forwarded my file to the underwriter.  The processor does not know her head from her a……..  She seems to be reading from a script so everytime I ask a question she seems to be thrown off guard.


The LO talks to me like I’m supposed to know what this process is like so when the “system” automatically sends an invalid Good Faith Estimate document that has incorrectly indicated that I have to bring in 8K in closing costs, when the seller is paying closing costs…..she snaps “WELL that’s because the credits haven’t been added in yet”.  Well how am I supposed to know that and if the document has a date of 2 days ago, I am to only assume that it is the most recent up to date document.  


Then I get the conditions from the Processor that the underwriter needs.  After I answer those, I get a letter in the mail with additional conditions…..So “ASSUMING” it may be outdated (because the GFE was) I send an email to the Processor and LO (because neither answers the phone)…..the LO doesn’t respond at all and the processor takes a few days to call back but doesn’t know what I’m talking about (because she doesn’t know her head from her a..).  I finally figure out the LO needs the info, and the realtor needs to make a couple of changes to the contract, but wants me to resend a couple pages from the contract to the LO…but I’m currently homeless, living with family, and my stuff (including printer) is in storage….and I don’t have access to a printer (can’t even go to the library because I don’t have a library card and I’m waiting until I can get one from the county I’m actually buying in).  But since she’s the realtor, and getting paid, this seems like a minor thing she should be able to assist with, right?  NO- ok I’ll figure it out (my response to her because she can’t print the pages that need to be re-printed and sent back to the LO).  


Then I have to ask the realtor if WE should contact the title company and ask what to do about my marital situation (legally married- but technically separated).  Her response “Oh, the title company hasn’t contacted you yet?”…… sigh  NO ONE has contacted me!  And I’m scheduled to close next friday..   I’m sure at this point that’s not going to happen.  


I just had to vent…………..

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