Holy Early Exclusions!

Holy Early Exclusions!Holy Early Exclusions!
pavingTarma asked 4 years ago

I’m so glad I found this site!  I had no idea about early exclusions until I wandered in here and started learning the ropes from you all.


Today I spent a couple hours calling the bureaus to get early exclusions on several accounts.  One was reporting different dates to the different CRAs, some were collection accounts on accounts that have already fallen off.  Some were just set to come off later than I’d like.


I had mixed results with Experian.  They were able to get rid of a couple, but nothing more than 30 days out.  They were the most helpful right off the bat though.  Equifax was a nightmare.  They have collection accounts on there where the original creditor has already aged off, but they will not remove them regardless.  I think I’ll try again and ask to speak to a supervisor though.  Then I called TransUnion and *drumroll*…….. I got 5 accounts and their collection agencies removed.  I’m very anxious to see how this will boost my score.


I started at 500 – 477 – 481 one month ago to the day.  Today I am at 578 – 565 – 598.  



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