Hold onto reserves or pay off debt?

Hold onto reserves or pay off debt?Hold onto reserves or pay off debt?
dwEts asked 4 years ago

I’m a few months away from being ready to apply. I currently have $ 41k in liquid savings in a money market. I have a total of $ 25k in debt. A personal loan, a timeshare condo loan (Yes, I know. Don’t even yell at me about that one!), a 403b loan & one old Newegg account that’s closed, but still has a balance. Still a hidden trade though. I’m good on cars. I have a 2009 Explorer & a 2015 Mirage, both paid for with titles in hand. If I pay these debts off, I’ll still have $ 16k in savings & can also add their former payments to savings each month. ($ 1000ish). By the time I’m ready to apply, I should have added back about $ 4k plus a $ 5k tax refund. Thoughts?

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