Hit 640 Mid Score!

Hit 640 Mid Score!Hit 640 Mid Score!
Jazmin M asked 5 years ago



So, today, something strange happened. I got a myFico alert that there was a change to my Equifax report which resulted in a change in my score. When I logged in, my score had dropped 21 points! The reason being a new past due account or other deliquency. This was news to me, so after some thought and consultation on the forum, I decided to pull a new 3B report.


I searched through the report and finally found it. A supposed installment loan from a company where the only provided details is the name “McI Dp” and amount “$ 106” It has a date open of 2003, condition open, status charge off, last activity Jan 2009, and status date of Aprl 2015. I’ll call Equifax to dispute tomorrow.


But since I got a 3B, I took a look at my mortgage scores. While the EQ one dropped, my mid score is now 644! I’ll be able to app for preapproval in a month!

Keiser Report: Mortgage Crisis 2.0 (E649)

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