High Balance Reporting and Venture

High Balance Reporting and VentureHigh Balance Reporting and Venture
richeventrzn asked 5 years ago

Found out somethng interesting today about Venture and High Balance reporting. I took a look at my Equifax and Trans Union and noticed the high balance reported was $ 4,993, which seemed odd because only one statement had cut and the balance on that statement was $ 2k.


Called Capital One and they stated that the high balance reflected balance transfers that came over and even though that $ 4,993 was only the balance for 3 days before I paid it down, that they report high balances even if they occur only for a three day period.


My experience with high balance reporting with my other cards was that the highest balance reported would be the one when the statement cut – not one that happened for a 3 day period that happened weeks even before the statement cycled or cut.


Just wanted to put this out there so others can be aware. It’s not a big deal but I was kind of surprised to see it on there.

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