Helpful ATT Collections Info

Helpful ATT Collections InfoHelpful ATT Collections Info
ivusanaxo asked 4 years ago

Hi guys,


So I had a collection from ATT that has bounced around to 4 different collection agencies over the years. I noticed that about every 6 months or so a new collection agency would appear on my report and the old one was gone. Based on my calculations I saw that AFNI has acquired it in April 2015 so October would be around when the ATT collection would go to someone. 


So today I called ATT to see if maybe I could pay them before the collection was sent to another agency and sure enough she said I could. I paid and immediately went to the 3 credit bureaus to try and enter a dispute, but it was already gone. Either they worked really fast and deleted it within minutes or my calculations were spot on about the dates. I did notice that Credence Resource Management did a soft pull about 5 days ago, but so far nothing has appeared on my report. 


Now I am just waiting on myFico to update and see if the collection is still on my report.


This will be my last collections!!! Fingers crossed. 

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