Help with collections pay off! MACY’S

Help with collections pay off! MACY’SHelp with collections pay off! MACY’S
richeventyar asked 4 years ago

I’ve been steadily rebulding my credit to a 650! I recently got approved for an Green AMEX and Chase Southwest!


I’ve been trying to get approved for line increases but I’ve been told by recon that I need to pay off two of my baddies. Smiley Sad


I figured its a good move since my next card ::crossing fingers:: I hope to be an AAdvantage Citi!


Per CK-


Last Reported
Feb 2016
Opened Date
Nov 2009
Closed Date
Sept 2011
Date of first delinquency is November 2010. 
The amount of delinquency is about $ 300. This account is still showing up under original creditor and I haven’t made a payment since 2011. I was figuring it to fall of but I really want to be in the good graces of Citi but don’t want to ruin my score. Tried a PFD to no avail. If I pay this off will my 7 year clock restart? What kind of effect will it have on my credit?


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