Help With AFNI Acct. Should I Pay then GW Letter? PFD? Pay OC?

Help With AFNI Acct. Should I Pay then GW Letter? PFD? Pay OC?Help With AFNI Acct. Should I Pay then GW Letter? PFD? Pay OC?
MangosteenMew asked 5 years ago

HI Everyone!


OK, so long story short, I have a baddie on my Reports that I want/need off. 

I had signed up for Dish Network a few years back when i was living in my Apartment. Well when the contract was up, they wanted their equipment back. 

So the Billing Addess they had on file was my dads house, so they sent the box to return the Dish Equipment back, there. But he lives in a different City and was deployed for awhile so i assumed the box was just sitting in the front porch for month


I called Dish and asked them where the box was and told them Im at a different address, and they said they would send one to my Apartment and informed me they would charge my CC if they didnt ghet the equipment back.i was ok with this.


Anyways, i moved 3 weeks later, never got a box, checked the front office of the complex to see if they got a box. Nothing. So I assumed they would just charge my CC for the ammount of the equipment ($ 180).


so after awhile it slips my mind, Equipment in my Garage, and get an AFNI Letter saying “OC -Dish Balnce $ 180”. My first thought was why didnt Dish just Charge my CC like we Agreed on? 


I got the letter 6 months ago and am still trying to decide what to do with it. I did call them once about a month ago to try to PFD, but they said they wont do that. 

I Could Easliy pay the Balance, but i want the mark gone and I dont know if a Paid status would do any good. (Well i mean im sure it would, but it would still be there)


Ive been trying to Get in with AMEX for Awhile now and i know this is whats stopping them from Approving me. And im planning on buying a house in a years time, so getting this removed would be extremly helpful.


should i keep Calling and asking for a PFD? Maybe just pay off the balance and write Multiple GW Letters? i know i cant fight it because the info is Accurate. 


Thanks for reading and thank you for any advice!

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