GeorgeFethy asked 4 years ago

Okay, I have always been a credit card junkie, trolling the forums everyday of every year. I had it all together until life happened. I grauduated from college in May, lost my job at the end of May, lost my grandmother in June, found out that I was pregnant and an uncle overdosed beginning of July, found a job in August as a school teachteacher but i won’t be recieving my first paycheck until Sept 30th. So now here I am with 7 credit cards and 2 installment loans (1 school debt, not worried about since I’m currently in shool working on my Masters) and a credit score of 520 when I have ALWAYS been in the 700-800 club. i’m just trying to see what should I pay off first or put what amount of money where? I have $ 1700 I’m working with. Also, I have now some missed paymentd, and haven’t made any payments on any bill since MAY

Discover Card: Limit:$ 500 Balance:$ 509.39 (1 missed payment 01/15)

Capital one: Limit$ 600 Balance:$ 643.91

Walmart: Limit before $ 1000, they lowered it after i paid he balance off for some BS, saying my credit report showed to many debt to ratio but Limit:$ 260 Balance:$ 298.22

BarclayCard MasterCard Limit:$ 1500 Balance:$ 1712.43

Barclay Apple Limit:1200 Balance:$ 1431.50

Credit One: $ 750.00 Balance:$ 929.63

Rooms To Go Initital credit was 10,000 took away credit now with a balance of $ 4710.00 and 1 missed payment 

Carnote financed through BMW financial 3 months late, with reporting in jan, feb, and june. $ 1373 car note on $ 24000 balance 


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