HELP! What to do first?

HELP! What to do first?HELP! What to do first?
AngeloHix asked 5 years ago

We are trying to get a home loan and our LO will be pulling credit on 6/8. We have two credit cards, one is for Citi (which my wife is also on as a authorized user) this balance is $ 3,800 out of a $ 5,200 CL. And our Care Credit is $ 535 out of $ 1,000 CL. We have $ 500 to pay down on a card. What would you do to maximize your credit score? I was leaning towards paying off the Care Credit, but not sure. My wife is not on that card, so it would benefit me vs. benefitng both of us. 


EDIT: I found some more money. I paid down Citi to $ 3,409 out of $ 5,200 CL (65% utilization) and Care Credit down to $ 389 out of $ 1,000 CL (39%). Hoping this will help credit score a bit. 

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