Help us choose a home please

Help us choose a home pleaseHelp us choose a home please
MichaelApash asked 5 years ago

My s/o and I are debating between two homes we like. The first is a single family home which was built in 94 but needs some work done. The house needs to be pressured washed and repainted, we would like new kitchen cabinets and updated appliances, also we would like to remove the carpet and get laminate floors. The price is within our price range BUT we have to kick out more in upgrading.


The second place is a townhome. I’m not really sold on being in a townhome but my fiance really likes it. It is updated and 25k less than the house. Both places are negotiable but we plan on staying in a home longer than a townhome of course. It still has the apt feel for some reason. 


We were approved for 150k. If we buy the house for 145k can we use the other 5k to buy appliances or no? And the last question is, what would you do in our shoes? Go with the updated townhome and stay there for a few years or buy the house and upgrade it? We both work 2 jobs.. one being full time and the other part time. We bring in about 70k not including our part time jobs. We both make about $ 500/month from that. Thanks!

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