help tracking down debt

help tracking down debthelp tracking down debt
fausaMixail asked 5 years ago

I have a feeling this is a crazy question, but it’s worth asking to me.

I have really been diving in and trying to get all my debt information together. When I started accumulating debt & falling behind I was the young idiot who didn’t hold on to anything and was so naive about it all. & now I am having a hard time putting together all the pieces. 

Example: I see back in 2012 I made two $ 50 payments to a law firm and noted “hospital bill” on one. On my credit report, it lists MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS INC as a collection for $ 100 placed in 2012, so naturally I would like to see if I have already paid this. 


Is there any way, any site, anything, to kind of track your debt since I have completely failed witht the paper trail? I would love to be able to find original debt, see payments applied, then see who is was sold off to, any payments applied, etc.


Is there such a thing??



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