Help me understand next steps in fixing my credit

Help me understand next steps in fixing my creditHelp me understand next steps in fixing my credit
Josephsit asked 4 years ago

I have been working hard at rebuilding my credit. I paid a charge off a few months back and opened a secured CC through WF a few moths ago. I just got a secured card through Cap1 this week. What are the next steps? Will I ever qualify for a non secured card? A bit of history…I have a chapter 7 bankruptcy due to fall off next month and a fairly recent judgement that has been satisfied last year. I have a charge off that I paid back in Feb of this year. Another charge off that I got from Dell 6 years old that is not paid for. I have a few medical collections that I have been making payments on. I have a auto loan that is current with no lates. I have $ 70k in student loans in deferment. I have a student loan with ACS that is current and has been for over 8 months. However, I have a few 120 days late on that loan because they refused to defer it at the time I needed them too. Is there any hope that I get anywhere? I feel like I have a huge mess on my hands and that I will never get any kind of credit. My current fico scores are: 617, 613, 624

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