Help! IRS won’t allow seller’s assist?

Help! IRS won’t allow seller’s assist?Help! IRS won’t allow seller’s assist?
JosephImips asked 4 years ago

Long story short:  My husband and I have been in the process of buying a rehab property via a 203k Loan.  After clearing all our own financial hurdles, an IRS lien was found on the house that the seller’s had to clear in order to close.  After delaying closing and submitting paperwork, the IRS said they would release the lien but we (the buyers) could not get the 6% sellers assist that was in our sales contract.  My loan officer and real estate agent have never seen this happen before are dumbfounded that the buyers would be penalized for the sellers’ mistake.  I’m about to be out a lot of money if this falls through.  Any insight or similar experiences?  

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