Help! Frustrated.

Help! Frustrated.Help! Frustrated.
eeyowidoego asked 3 years ago

We were approved with conditions two weeks ago wth a tentative closing date of 4/26. I had all the conditions met the same day. We are going USDA, but it had not been sent to USDA yet. Last week we were told on MONDAY it would be sent to USDA by Friday. This week on Monday the LO asked me for 2014 business taxes (again) and said it was part of a second round of conditions? Yesterday he told me we would not be closing on the 26th and that it still has not been sent to USDA. He cannot tell me anything except “the underwriter is triple checking everything before sending to USDA but this in no way affects your approval. We are good.” What the hell is going on?! I have movers scheduled. I have painters scheduled. We have a move out date on our rental property and 4 days before closing we are on hold?!!!! Can anyone help me ask the right questions to find the right answers!? I’m scared. I’m mad. I’m confused.

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