HELP!! CR now has 30 day late mortgage

HELP!! CR now has 30 day late mortgageHELP!! CR now has 30 day late mortgage
GoodvinLels asked 4 years ago

I  received notification via alerts that I had a change in account status and my mortgage was reporting as 30 days late. I called my mortgage company as I made my payment on the 30th… yes I realize it was just before the end of the month but I also had my last car payment to pay off the loan and it was a little bigger so I held off on making the mortgage payment until our next paycheck). Well, first they were telling me that it was returned for insufficient funds (this is not the case as there has been plenty of money in the account AND they never attempted to withdraw the money. I was transferred to speak with someone who was able to look more closely and said that the bank account information was not valid and said I must have put the wrong #’s in online for our checking account. So here I am…with a 30 Day late which has KILLED my CS!! They gave me the fax number to send a letter requesting that the 30 day late be removed. SO I have 2 questions


1. What do I ask in my letter…I’ve only been with this mortgage co. for 6 months as we refinanced last fall…so I don’t have a “long” payment history with them and I’m not asking to remove something that was the result of difficult time…it was a mistake I made in data entry which BTW I still have not received anything from them about. I only know about it because of the alert I received here. I’m just looking for advise on the best langauge to use, points to use…my CS is down 75 points which is AWFUL!!!! I worked SOOO hard and might have just thrown it all away!!


2. Has anyone else ever been in this position? Did you have a good outcome? Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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