GW letters, will they improve my scores?

GW letters, will they improve my scores?Author "fausamixail"GW letters, will they improve my scores?
fausaMixail asked 5 years ago

I have read a lot of the posts about writing goodwill letters to get rid of the 30, 90 and 120 day lates from two old closed credit card accounts (a citi bank student card and an Amazon store card). I have also read however, that once the lates are over 36 months old, they barely count against your score anymore. Both of these cards have been PIF and closed since 2012-2013. Is it worth it to send in GW letters? I definitely don’t want them to come back and say that I am disputing anything since these accounts are closed, but don’t seem to be hurting me too bad at all right now. Should I just wait them out until they fall off at the 7 year mark?

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