GW Letter for Mortgage Late Payments?

GW Letter for Mortgage Late Payments?GW Letter for Mortgage Late Payments?
richeventyar asked 4 years ago

Hey all,


I’m curious if anyone has had any luck getting some late payments removed by a Mortgage company? I switched positions/employers last year in June/July and the job change, while near doubling my income and such required some pretty drastic shortterm changes. I had to relocate the whole family overseas and rent out our home, etc. Based on changes in my “paycycle” (went from bimonthly to one paycheck a month) I basically went without a paycheck for almost two months with significant additional expenses in the shortterm due to the move, fixing up the place for rent, etc.


When I originally realized what was going to happen I contacted our Mortgage company in advance to find out if I could setup some kind of shortterm payment plan or the like. Submitted the whole package, etc. with a letter of explanation and the like. The request came back denied (theoretically I was told FHA denied it not the Mortgage company). In the end I didn’t really have another option but to not make the payment for two months and then caught up the whole thing, made the late payments, late fees, etc. all caught up now and our mortgage is back on autopay.


This whole thing is my only baddie on my entire report (minus a 7 year old 30 day on a closed store card that is set to roll off this September) but due to it being Mortgage related and such I’m finding myself being denied even with scores over 700, AAoA 4 1/2 years, income of 200,000-250,000, etc.


Is it worth a try? Or is it not something they can or would be willing to do?

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