Guesstimate how long I should garden

Guesstimate how long I should gardenGuesstimate how long I should garden
Niikolay asked 4 years ago

I have all the cards I want, for now. But in the future I would like to get a maybe an all around 2% card (Citi Double Cash?). Also thinking about the Sallie Mae or maybe upgrading my BCE to BCP. I know that I need to garden for a while. My plan was to ride out the Discover double cash deal until it ends for me (in July of 2016). Will gardening for a year be long enough to get in with Citi or Barclays? I don’t have any other cards with them. My scores are in my signature, and all of the cards in my signature were opened between April-May of this year (except for the useless Fashion Bug Comenity card which has been around since 2006). I have 5 inquiries on TU, 3 on Equifax, and I think I have 3 on Experian.


My ultimate questions are: 1. Is gardening for one year sufficient to get in with Citi or Barclays? (I am already pre-qualed for the Double Cash, but I couldn’t find a pre-qual site for Barclay’s). 2. Is it possible that upgrading to the BCP would be a better option that trying for Sallie Mae?

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