LashesProDags asked 4 years ago

It’s been a number of years since I’ve been back here. I started cleaning up DH’s credit back in 2012. The biggie was a judgement that was filed against him erroneously. We got it vacated with prejudice and we thought that was the end of it.


Well, we’re in the process of relocating and securing housing and surprise, surprise, it’s still reporting on Experian. It’s showing up as being filed by one of the many names the original filers go by and for a lesser amount. But the date it was filed is the same and so it the case ID number. But here’s the clincher. The case ID number on the CR is off by one number, same as the previous judgement on the CR. The paperwork vacating it shows the correct  case number, because when we tried to find it under the incorrect number, it wouldn’t show up anywhere (of course).


We went through a lawyer to get it vacated and he sudmitted the paper work to the different bureaus, and last we checked, it didn’t show up anywhere. Not sure when this happened.


What should I do? I have a copy of the paperwork. Should I go ahead and file a dispute online? That could take weeks and we’re kind of time crunched. Maybe going through our lawyer, even if we’d have to pay him again, would be the best option.


I’m just so annoyed.

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