got my 1st secure CC 3 weeks ago, ready for another?

got my 1st secure CC 3 weeks ago, ready for another?got my 1st secure CC 3 weeks ago, ready for another?
dealpal Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone, hope your Monday is going well.


My CR is screwed up by a student loan default, a hafl dozen collections items, and the fact that I had no revolving credit.


I started rebuilding my credit after the new year, by paying off collections on my CR, and also got a Wells Fargo secured credit card for $ 500 about 3 weeks ago. My defaulted student loan will start the rehab process in June of this year.


After getting my secured CC in March, my scores saw some increases. which is great!


Exquifax  before secure CC: 498 and after secure CC: 520

Experian before secure CC: 496 and after secure CC: 536

Trans U   before secure CC: 508 and after secure CC: 525


Still dismal, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?


So now I am very very eager to get another card of some sort, but could use some advice on what kind, and is it too soon to start shopping for another card and get another inquiry on my report? I was approved for the Wells secure card on March 13…


Also, beyond getting another credit card, is there anything else I can do to boost my score? My collections will be paid soon, and that just leaves me with re-habbing my defaulted student loan. 


Thanks for any advice!

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sheldon wolf replied 5 years ago
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