Google Wallet – SCORE

Google Wallet – SCOREGoogle Wallet – SCORE
alinagreiitame asked 5 years ago

Tonight my DW reminded me I need to get a Mothers Day card for my Mom in NC. I grabbed my wallet and zoomed down to the grocery store to get a card and a couple of other grocery items. Someone in myFICO recently mentioned a program called Wallaby for Android which I installed. It told me that my AMEX Blue Everyday was the best card for supermarkets right now. I was like OH CRAP, I don’t have that card in my wallet. Was ready to just use my QS card instead. Then it hit me….I have the AMEX Blue card stored in Google Wallet and this grocery store has the NFC reader! So, I tried it (the cashier kid was holding his breath, along with the bagger girl), and bam, it worked! I will get the 5% for the purchase, plus I totally impressed the cashier and the bagger girl….they both were like – HEY, this NEVER works and asked if it was an iPhone or Android. So I told him and said, the reason it never works any other time is because those others are using an iPhone :smileyhappy: I’m a 50+ geek.


So, hopefully the NFC catches on. Was sure nice tonight. Also, I highly recommend people looking into the Wallaby app…it is a great resource to see which card of mine is best for whatever purchase I’m about to make.

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