Goodwill with Dept of Education-Direct

Goodwill with Dept of Education-DirectGoodwill with Dept of Education-Direct
oxilazevu asked 4 years ago

Has anyone ever had success getting lates from a default removed by the Dept of Education-Direct Loan Servicing through GW or another method?


I have 6 accounts that were reported 90-120 days late Jan 2012-Sept 2012 (6 accounts x 9months = 54 lates total). My loans obviously defaulted and I entered into a rehab program. I have not been late with one single payment since I entered into rehab. My loans were picked up by Great Lakes after the rehab period and I have been paying more than the minimum on time every month for the last several years.


I was under the impression that all derogatory marks would be removed once I completed the rehab. I have also read online that the lates would remain on my reports for 7 years, despite completing the rehab. I sent an email and letter to the Dept of Ed asking for the lates to be removed, and am waiting on a response.


Do the lates stay on my reports from the dates they were reported late? Or from the dates the accounts were opened?


I’m just curious if there is a way to have these removed. I have a perfect payment history since 2012 on all revolving accounts as well as this student loan, but my payment history is still saying only 33% of payments have been on-time. Having these removed would be a huge boost to my credit profile.


My scores are around 640 between this and one CO from 2011 that I am working on GW. I’m going to need to buy a car in the next 12 months.


Thank  you all in advance!

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