Good News from Underwriting!

Good News from Underwriting!Good News from Underwriting!
dwEts asked 4 years ago

So our file was just submitted from our Broker to the UW at MB Bank on Monday.   I just heard back from my Broker that right now, there are very few conditions they’ve noted.   The conditions are proof of transfer of earnest money, paper trail on the funds liquidation for downpayment, and clarificatoin from seller on a credit they are giving us.


Not one single condition listed for LOE on the baddies on my report!  Crazy.  I mean, I have one returned check in Feb., one old but outstanding collection for $ 229 on my credit report, a string of late payments on a car loan in 2010, and a released tax lein.   They didn’t ask for explanation on any of them!  I’m sort of shocked, and also waiting for the follow up email on this (waiting for the request).   I guess maybe the DTI is good, and income strong, so they don’t care?  Very odd.


Also on the good news front, the appraiser called and is able to fit us in next Thursday, a full week early!  That was great news, too.


Wow, could closing move up to late April?   Stay tuned!



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