God is good, and so is my myfico family!

God is good, and so is my myfico family!God is good, and so is my myfico family!
richeventrzn asked 4 years ago

So, I’m not going to go into to much here, but let’s start from here!

I live in South Carolina, and as you all know that we were hit with a flood a week ago. My family made it through fine, Thanking God! I luckily have flood insurance (I thank him again) however, I had a small leak in my roof, that just so happen a tree lim decided to fall on. Well guess what, it came on the inside. I called the adjuster of course, but I didn’t lie. I told him I had a small leak there that I didn’t have time to fix yet, because I was saying up money to get my entire roof done. He came Friday morning and said I would hear from him by Friday afternoon. I’ve heard nothing as of yet. But I’m not worried, I’m gonna fix it anyway, but that is why I pay insurance also and have never filed a claim. Well, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to pull my credit for a yr or so. (I got my scores up and got happy with approvals. Robot Happy Anywho, I’m always in lowes with different lil things to upgrade at home, or whatever. (I love home decorating) so, I was weary abt it. Well, I went to credit pulls just to check. N guess what, I saw mostly transunion, and that’s my best score. So tonight, I was like WTH,Smiley Happy pull da MF trigger. Logged on to my account, pulled the trigger. 


Congratulations! You’re approved for a $ 300 cl….Smiley Very Happy …….. Robot SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Frustrated 


ok, I’m happy that I’m approved, but Damn, $ 300! So I called customer service of course and explained to the nice gentleman. I’m calling because I just was approved online for a $ 300 cl. However, why so low? I have a SAMs and Walmart cl of 5k and with them all with syn, I expected at least the same.  I go there to get things for my home, with $ 300 I might as well go with cas, this would be a total waste of time. ( and that’s me bluffing by the way, but I’ve always had a good tactic for getting the things I want if I really wanted to)  so he says well, I can put in a request for a cli would u like that? I said sure, 5k! Give me one moment please…….

Congratulations, you now have a 5k cl!!!     Smiley SurprisedSmiley HappySmiley LOL……. Happy camper over here. Hard work n by the grace of God, everything works out. So even if my insurance decides not to pay, I can pay half and finance the other half under the 12 to 18 months financing. 


If if nothing else, I’ve always said prayer changes things. My God has brought me a might long way to give up on me now. Again, I would like to thank my myfico family for the encouragement through some of the difficult times. I’m always reading here everyday even if it’s only 10 to 15 mins at a time, I’m getting it in. And thank you all so very much.



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