GM BuyPower CLI – Denied Recon

GM BuyPower CLI – Denied ReconGM BuyPower CLI – Denied Recon
Korot.Ira asked 5 years ago

I app’d for this after receiving a preapproval in the mail about a month ago. Instant approval at a paltry $ 300 limit. 


I tried to request a CLI online, and got shot down. I immediately sent a secure message, advising them that the limit was far too low to be usable. I got a reply back, stating that I needed to wait until I received the card, then I could ask for a CLI. 


Went to check the mail today (I usually only check it once a month), and the card was there. After activation, I called the backdoor number and spoke to a very nice lady. I explained that the limit was far too low to be usable to me. She asked if it was OK to pull my credit report (soft pull) and I said yes.




I immediately closed the account. I don’t know why I even app’d it. Just being greedy I guess. I don’t even like American cars.

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