Getting scores update on MY FICO

Getting scores update on MY FICOGetting scores update on MY FICO
NikkiTut asked 5 years ago

Hello forum, I am trying to get pre-approval to purchase a home in July once my Chapter 7 is out of the “seasoning” period(2 years after discharge) I have been keeping track of my scores on myFICO and they are now are 605 TU and 615 EXP, starting at 558 TU and 560 EXP on 02/29/16,  but the lender(DR Horton) cannot get my EQ scores from EQ. They told me to contact EQ to update my address which I did. They sent me confirmation stating that the address had been updated. When I tried to get just my EQ score from myFICO,  it said that the report did not contain enough information, which was strange to me because I was able to pull my report from EQ with the score of 679. So my questions are. 1.) How can I get my  EQ score to update on myFICO? 2.) How much approx score increase/decrease can I expect after having 6 medical accts deleted 3.) Once EQ is update, will the same score now be reflected on myFICO? Thanks!!

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