Getting out of the 600s.

Getting out of the 600s.Getting out of the 600s.
NeldaFer asked 4 years ago

So after my recent decline on the Citi Double Cash I figured I’d just start working on my credit. My current score, based on Karma, FICO 8 and FICO 9 is somewhere in the 620-640 range. I have no collections, the only derogs are student loans which I was late 6 different payments and I’m not even sure those matter anymore. Karma is reporting it like it doesn’t exist now the loan is paid off. So the only -credit- I have left is two accounts. My auto loan of 15k and my Capital One Quicksilver that has a 6500 limit. The other thing to note is it shows 9 hard pulls, one being the denied Citi App, and one being the Cap One in September of 2014 and then the shotgun pull from my auto dealer calling out to banks for financing.


All this in mind I often read gardening, getting a few more cards, etc. I would like a better rewards card but I’m thinking Blue Cash and Double Cash are out of reach for now. So since my Quicksilver has that covered, I guess the best thing would be either maybe a miles card or something that allows easy requests of high credit limits. Other than that, I’m directionless. Let me know what you guys recommend.

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