Gas Cards for Rebuilding Credit???

Gas Cards for Rebuilding Credit???Gas Cards for Rebuilding Credit???
linaitame asked 5 years ago

I recently heard from a friend that they had worked with a credit counselor locally that helped them raise their score.  He had them open 3 new credit cards with CL between $ 200-500.  They got 2 secured cards, the Capital One MC and a secured Visa with their credit union.  The third card was an Exxon Mobile personal card. 


I recently opened the Capital One Secured card with a $ 200 CL and will be opening another secured card next week…I will try my credit union and likely go with them.  (should I do $ 500 or up it to $ 1000?  Would their be any significant boost in my score between the two?)


Does anyone have any input/experience/knowledge about gas cards?  What is the typical low score that Exxon Mobile will extend credit to?  Any other requirements that you may know of?  Are they the easiest to get approved through or would you suggest another brand? 


The only credit I have as of now is $ 500 Fingerhut and $ 1000 Care Credit, and now will be adding the $ 200 Cap 1 Secured MC 


I’m working with Texas Mortgage, hoping to buy a home in the spring.  The officer I’m working with wants me to get my score up at least 40 points so that I can get a better APR and have less stipulations.  Seems like a lot to me in a short time, but I’m working to have items removed through DVL and PFD methods as well as establishing new, positive accounts.  Since I don’t have a gas card, I would love to get one.  But I don’t want anymore HP’s with denials to follow them.  Any input is greatly appreciated.

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